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Calvert Racing CR22131. Part Number: 294-CR22131. Calvert Racing CR Series 9-Way Adjustable Rear Shocks. CR Series 9-Way Adjustable Rear Shocks. Set of 2. View Details. $258.99. (1) Estimated to ship direct from manufacturer on 07/07/22, pending manufacturer availability. This Advanced Chassis ladder-bar setup has double adjusters for setting pinion angle and suspension preload. Ladder-bar setups are great on the drag strip, but not so great on the street. They tie the control arms together, which is fine for straight-line acceleration but detrimental to cornering. ... “We [Calvert Racing Suspensions] deal.

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Since installing the Calvert rear suspension on my Camaro I noticed right away I was able to get the rear suspension to plant the 275/60-15 drag radials very hard and it hooks hard now . I talked with Mattie on a set up and used his , with the shocks set at #7 and using a nickel to set pre load and the bars mounted on the lower holes. Goldie continued, “Generally, the higher the setting, the faster it’ll roll until it spins the tires. That’s a good rule of thumb if you want some sort of gauge, because the suspension moves the least amount, using the least amount of energy, at higher settings. If it’s too firm, it’ll spin the tires rather than planting them.”.

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Instruction for removal of stock components and installation of Caltrac Traction Bar kit: 1. Park truck on a flat work area, chocking the front tires is advised to avoid rolling. 2. Loosen lugs on rear wheels and jack truck up until the rear tires are 3-6 inches off the ground with leafs unloaded. Support vehicle and axle by jack stands.

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Calvert Racing. I heard that it was awesome and stopped the rear wheel hop. I am having it installed soon and I... Forums. New posts Search forums. What's new. New posts Latest activity. Members. ... Calvert Suspension Kit. Thread starter 2003MOPAR; Start date May 23, 2012; May 23, 2012 #1. Rounding out the suspension is Calvert’s CR Series nine-way adjustable shocks. The adjustment for these shocks are primarily designed to control rebound after launch to control rear body separation. Calvert continued his setup techniques by explaining, “Shock adjustment mainly depends on if it’s a foot-brake car or a trans-brake car.

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Now I'm looking for a rearend setup to get me a 1.6 ft or better. My current suspension setup is 2,3 spindles and blocks. Drag shocks. Will be running weldlites with a 11" Mt DR's. Options are: 1. Swap to belltech 3" leafs w/ traction device $600. 2. Stock leafs w/ traction device $350.

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What would you do? Calvert Mono Leaf setup with CalTracs and Calvert 9-way adjustable shocks for $915 total. Split Mono Leaf 2000 [2000] - $378.00 : The Leader In Leaf Spring Innovation, - Calvert Racing CalTracs 6401 Low Profile 1 Hole [6401 Low Profile 1 Hole] - $339.00 : The Leader In Leaf.

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a vid watching the rear shocks and suspension on a s10.

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To make use of that added traction, the rear suspension was also updated with a set of Calvert Racing split-leaf mono-leaf springs and CalTracs bars. These springs are considerably lighter than factory leaf springs, and not only reduce unsprung weight, but they are specifically-designed to work with the CalTracs bars. ... Suspension Set-Up.

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Slow motion video capture or simply stop motion frames from a typical video camera make an excellent tool for viewing tires on the hit, and the reason why racers from Top Fuel to sportsman bracket racers use them. 5) Some racers mount their rear shocks in stock locations, some behind the axle, some at angles.

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17 U.S. shipments available for Calvert Racing Suspensions, updated weekly since 2007. Date Buyer Supplier Details 43 more fields 2018-03-29 Calvert Racing Suspensions Shanghai Yongzhen Machine Component SUSPENSION ROD END Bill of lading: 2015-05-08. Second, jack the rear end up until the vehicles weight is fully supported by the suspension but leave the jack stands under the car. Next, install the Force Transfer Link by starting the Hex (wrenching) end on to the Forward Rod End and start the rear rod end (from the spring perch) into its threads at the rear Force Transfer Link.

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A one-game Calvert suspension for message-sending would have been much easier to accept had it been in addition to a one-game (therefore two-game equivalent) suspension for cross-checking.

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Cal Tracs and Calvert Split Mono springs will just bolt in where the stock stuff is now. Maybe some lighter, tubular control arms up front. A decent shock, and off you go. I've had 275's and 28-10.5 slicks in the stock opening. Wheel backspace can be critical as these cars vary a lot. 15x8 with 5" BS seems to be the norm.

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